Coworking as a trend has gained a lot of traction across the globe considering the benefits it provides in scaling up. With a significant increase in the number of female entrepreneurs in recent years, there has been a marked rise in demand of coworking spaces for women across the globe. Such women-centric spaces provide female innovators a creative and energetic environment for bringing their ideas to life.

Such women-centric coworking spaces are plentiful in the United States given the fact that the density of female entrepreneurs is much higher in the US as compared to other countries. However, the idea of coming up with more coworking spaces for women has been gaining traction in other countries as well.  Countries like the UK and Canada have joined the bandwagon along with the US.

These coworking spaces have been instrumental in creating a healthy work-life balance in the lives of women entrepreneurs through recreational facilities, community building activities, networking and engagement events.

These spaces value the spirit of collaboration and community by providing women an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and form a community.

In order to make women’s lives simpler by saving them all the hard work in looking for the best women-centric coworking spaces for their next billion-dollar idea, we decided to curate a list of top 10 coworking spaces for women:

1. The Wing, New York

The Wing is a trusted entity when it comes to coworking spaces for women exclusively. It aims to build global women-specific communities to work, thrive and prosper.

Founded in 2016, the Wing is a modern take on the Women’s club movement of New York which was prevalent in 19th and 20th century.

It has multiple women’s coworking spaces across the globe, however, they have been in news for their most recent space in Williamsburg, New York. This space is equipped with daycare facilities and children’s play area which makes it a lucrative proposition for working mothers and is undoubtedly one of the most attractive women coworking spaces in New York.

Here are some of the amenities provided by the Wing, New York:

  • Access to amazing community building and networking events/activities,
  • The Little Wing – A daycare/play room for children of mother entrepreneurs,
  • In House Café
  • Private Phone booths,
  • Beauty room
  • Pump room
  • Conference rooms & Event hosting space,
  • Secure High-speed Internet connection,
  • Printing Facility

Here’s the list of annual and monthly membership options available at the Wing:

  • Monthly Membership plan at Williamsburg – $215/Month
  • Annual Membership plan at Williamsburg – $2350 /Year

2. The Riveter, Los Angeles

The Riveter is an interesting coworking space for women founded by an NYU law graduate Amy Nielson. Though its most prominent and earliest coworking space is located in Seattle, Washington, the most recent one based out of Los Angeles has attracted a lot of attention.

In fact, it has become a reliable option for female entrepreneurs/freelancers hunting for women coworking spaces in Los Angeles.

Riveter is an ideal choice for wellness conscious female entrepreneurs as they lay a strong emphasis on activities like meditation, yoga and mindfulness which result in the holistic development of their members.

At Riveter, a lot of programs and live sessions from the best minds in industry are organised for professional development of the members. The members also get access to unparalleled resources, VC network and business experts to scale up their ventures.

Here are some of the amenities provided by the Riveter, Los Angeles:

  • Professional programming
  • Private Phone booths
  • Mothers’ rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Access to the VC network in office hours
  • Member events
  • Secure High-speed Internet connection

Here’s the list of annual and monthly membership options available at the Riveter:

  • Flex work plan: Work from lounges/a small group workspace – $199/Month
  • Dedicated desk plan: One dedicated desk in the collaborative workspace – $550/Month

3. The Coven, Minnesota

The Coven is a gorgeous 5000 Sq ft. warehouse style coworking space located in the North loop neighborhood of Minnesota. It is an extremely affordable working space that encourages diversity and inclusion as it’s open to both women and non-binary individuals. Their open floor plan accommodates a variety of events and gatherings.

They have a host of events ranging from nutrition, technology and coding to astrology and spirituality. It is an ideal space for someone who seeks collaboration with diverse minds.

Here are some of the amenities provided by the Coven, Minnesota:

  • A host of member events on diverse topics
  • Private Phone booths
  • Conference rooms
  • Access to the VC network in office hours
  • Secure High-speed Internet connection

Here’s the list of membership options available at the Coven:

  • Social Membership (Access to events and community) – $140/Month
  • Full Membership which includes unlimited access to workspace – $225/Month

4. Charley Co., Denver

Charley Co. is a female centric shared workspace which lays a huge emphasis on inclusivity and female empowerment. It was founded by Bryn Carter after she recognized a need of a communal space where women could gather and innovate as they faced several obstacles in traditional workspaces.

The core focus of Charley Co. is creating a community where women can learn from each other, express their ideas freely, inspire and get inspired.

With amenities like an onsite Mother’s room, hair saloon, art gallery and a strategic central location, Charley Co. is one of the most sought-after women’s coworking spaces in Denver.

 Here are some of the amenities provided by Charley Co. :

  • Programming – A host of workshops taken by women on diverse topics
  • Private Phone booths
  • Private offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Community building activities
  • Secure High-speed Internet connection
  • Mother rooms
  • An onsite hair saloon

Here’s the list of membership options available at Charley Co. :

  • 1-2 Person private office – $1,100
  • 3 Person Office – $1,300
  • Open seating – $260
  • Biz Babe: 12 drop-ins a month – $180

5. evolveHer, Chicago

EvolveHer works by the moto, “Together we rise”. It was founded by Alicia Driskill who wanted to create a coworking space for women which evolved the way in which they connect and collaborate.

This shared workspace, started in 2018, was the first event and workplace exclusively for women in Chicago.

The shared workspace hosts both female industry experts and budding female entrepreneurs who can collaborate and leverage each other’s strengths.

The Founder, Alicia Driskill, herself curates a list of workshops and events which help women develop the spirit of collaboration.

Here are some of the amenities provided by evolveHer, Chicago :

  • Access to evolveHer curated events
  • Business and personal development workshops
  • High Speed internet
  • Printing facilities
  • Community building activities
  • Guest passes for friends

Here’s the list of membership options available at evolveHer, Chicago:

  • Community – $99/Month
  • Create and Work Mini-flex – $189/Month
  • Create and Work Flex- $289/Month
  • Unlimited – $389/Month
  • Dedicated desks – $489/Month
  • Single office space – $700/Month
  • Office Space – $1200/Month

6. The Hivery, Mill Valley, California

The Hivery is a more relaxed coworking space for women. The Hivery boasts of an inspiration lab which focuses on creating a conducive environment to foster creativity and collaboration. The inspiration lab also helps women who wish to change their career paths. It also has an incubation center to provide the necessary guidance to budding female entrepreneurs.

The main aim of Hivery is to create a feeling of belonging within its members. An interesting aspect of this shared workspace is that it follows an ‘Open to all’ policy as it doesn’t have any initial application process like other coworking spaces.

Here are some of the amenities provided by The Hivery, Mill Valley:

  • Access to The Hivery’s mentorship programs
  • Career change guidance
  • High Speed internet
  • Printing facilities
  • Community building activities
  • Casual atmosphere

Here’s the list of membership options available at The Hivery, Mill Valley:

  • Unlimited access to workspace – $395/Month
  • Community membership (access to community and networking events) – $95/month

7. The Female Hub, Netherlands

Founded in 2018, The Female Hub has quickly become the go to place for female entrepreneurs in the Hague. It is a place where diversity is valued, encouraged and celebrated. Hence one can find women of different nationalities, backgrounds and professional fields inspiring and learning from each other.

The growth was so quick that in less than a year, almost 105 women rented the shared workspace. The Female Hub’s strategic central location makes it really accessible for women entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the amenities provided by The Female Hub, Netherlands:

  • Access to the online entrepreneur community
  • Free participation to the monthly masterclass
  • High Speed internet
  • Collective borrels and dinners
  • Unlimited coffee and tea
  • Conference rooms

Here’s the list of membership options available at The Female Hub, Netherlands:

  • Coworking – You own the workspace for 1-5 days per week – Starts from 99 Euros/Month
  • Day Pass – Trial for digital nomads – 29 Euros/day

8. Make Lemonade, Toronto

Make Lemonade is one of the most vibrant women coworking spaces in Toronto. It is a design forward shared space which focuses on creating a strong community of empowered women who can create something which makes their lives richer.

Women can expect an extremely relaxed and welcoming atmosphere with good vibes at Make Lemonade. In fact, their networking event, Lemon Mixers, is quite different from other regular corporate networking events as there are no competitive vibes and no judgement.

Here are some of the amenities provided by Make Lemonade, Toronto:

  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Access to lemon mixers networking events
  • Unlimited coffee, tea and lemonade
  • Ultra fast Wifi

Here’s the list of membership options available at Make Lemonade, Toronto:

  • The Zest (Community membership) – $49/month
  • Half Pressed (Unlimited coworking) – $300/Month
  • Whole Lemon (Your very own desk) – $500/Month

9. Hervana, Vancouver

Hervana was founded by Meredith Garritsen who is an accomplished business professional with a long work history. She is actively involved in organizing master classes and workshops for the members.

The Hervana offers a collective membership which doesn’t just provide a work desk but offers a host of other opportunities for building a community and jumpstarting your career. These include masterclasses, workshops, networking sessions and seminars by industry experts.

Here are some of the amenities provided by Hervana, Vancouver:

  • Workshops, networking sessions
  • Mastermind sessions and seminars by industry experts
  • Unlimited coffee, tea
  • Reliable and secure internet connection
  • Conference rooms
  • Printing facilities

Here’s the list of membership options available at Hervana, Vancouver:

  • Hot Desks
  • Dedicated Desks
  • Private offices

Pricing details available here

10. The Allbright, London, England

‘A woman must have money and a room of her own’, a quote by Virginia Woolf is the core of the Allbright, London. It essentially is less of a formal coworking space and more of a space to socialize, collaborate and grow together.

The founder, Anna Jones, found that women usually spoke their mind, talked about their successes and failures and expressed themselves more freely in a female environment so she wanted to create an environment which was conducive enough for women to share experiences and learn from each other.

In order to provide a holistic development experience to its members, the Allbright offers relaxation, meditation and therapeutic treatments as well.

Here are some of the amenities provided by the Allbright, London:

  • Access to Allbright Clubs
  • Varied Cultural programming
  • In House career coaching
  • Fitness studio
  • Workspace and meeting rooms
  • Spa and beauty salon

Here’s the list of membership options available at Allbright, London:

  • Membership starts at 750 Pounds/Month with on-time registration fees of 300 Pounds
  • A 100 pounds discount for people under age of 27.


We hope that the information shared above helps you in finding a space that can be instrumental in giving life to your dreams. Now that you’ve patiently gone through our list of best coworking spaces for women, we would like to hear your opinion on the same.

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